VISA Processor Eurozone


  • Role: Technical Lead and programmer

  • Country: Eurozone, including UK

  • June, 2018

The objective of this project was to become a third party processor for VISA branded cards within the eurozone. My role was technical lead and programmer. I worked directly with the business unit, VISA project manager, and the issuing bank.

My tasks and responsibilities were

  • Setup the VISA project. I worked directly with the issuing bank and VISA to complete the required documentation. (CIQ/PIF/BIN licensing/Etc)
  • Adapted our MasterCard card production process for VISA
  • Work with the card plant for the issuer certificates for the VSDC card
  • Manage the Verified by VISA (3D Secure) component with the ACS provider
  • Understand and assist the team with the BASE I ISO8583 messaging protocol and VTS (VISA test simulator)
  • Develop the BASE II clearing modules and financial components
  • Setup the VISA Edit Package, certificates, and connection
  • Understand the PIN and EMV specifics for VISA
  • Work with infrastructure team with regards to the EAS, firewall changes, and other infrastructure activities