Hemant Vallabh

Hemant Vallabh

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A Learn it all, thinker, doer

I am a System Analyst and Programmer

I am a system analyst and programmer with 9 years experience in the fintech and payment industry, ultimately gaining experience with MasterCard, BankServ (South Africa), and VISA. I've been involved in various fintech products, ranging from small-scale payment applications to large-scale, high volume systems.

My first job, in 2010, was at a fintech company (when 'fintech' wasn't a buzz word) as a programmer. Since then I've been hooked on the fintech and payment industry. I believing merging technology and finance together can empower consumers and businesses to better understand financial products, have a customised omnichannel experience, and more self-control over their financials. Since my first job, I have evolved from a programmer to designing and developing fintech systems.

I thrive in a rapidly growing, innovative organisations and for me, it's all about learning, improving, and using my passion for technology and finance to build great fintech solutions.

Currently, I am responsible for designing, developing and maintaining payment systems for a Nasdaq listed financial services company, that requires MasterCard certification at certain milestones and integration into third-party payment systems. My current interest lies with blockchain, cloud, system architecture, and large-scale system design.



July 2015 - Current

System analyst & Programmer

High performance payment processor

In this dual role, I'm part of the development team for the core payment system and responsible for the software architecture of new systems.

Nov 2012 - June 2015

Technical lead, Team lead, & Programmer

Data & business intelligence - payment industry

In this role I managed approx. 10 developers to modernised the data tools & processes, as well as to grow the department and personnel skills. I was moved into this role due to my self-taught skills around the Microsoft BI Stack.

Oct 2010 - Oct 2012

Senior programmer

Payments processor

I was responsible for writing and maintaining components for payments systems, integration to other financial institutions, & general software development. I worked on two international payment projects (USA & Mexico) and various domestic projects in South Africa.

Technology Skills

C & C++ (Object Oriented)

MS SQL & MS BI Stack

AWS & Azure (Cloud)


Java (Spring)

Network programming (Sockets)



Payment Industry Skills

ISO 8583 standard

MasterCard Dual Message (Issuing)

MasterCard Clearing, Chargebacks (Issuing)

VISA Dual Message (Issuing)

BankServ Single Message (Issuing)

BankServ SQS Disputes (ATM / Single Message)

BankServ, MasterCard, VISA Clearing (Acquiring)

BankServ EFT (Electronic funds transfer)

EMV (Contact & Contactless) M/Chip 4

HSM & Cryptography (EMV, PIN Blocks, Issuer scripting)

National Payment System (NPS) South Africa




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